Next year marks 40 years since Domino’s first opened its doors in Australia.

We are incredibly proud that we have built not just a business, but a family. Most of our Domino’s stores are owned and operated by members of your local communities.

They live and work right alongside you, provide employment opportunities for thousands of people, support fellow local businesses, schools, sporting clubs and charities, and are passionate about delivering delicious, great value pizzas every day of the week.

But, like you, they are not immune to the rapidly rising cost pressures now affecting all our daily lives.

We are currently living in a world where it’s more expensive to buy a lettuce from the supermarket than a freshly made pizza from Domino’s!

That’s why, from today, we are introducing a Delivery Service Fee.

We know you hate fees. We hate them too, and have held off for as long as possible. But it’s this small fee which will help our local business owners cover the cost of operating a delivery business in the current environment, and ensure that we remain the fastest and more reliable delivery service in the country.


What does this mean for me?

For delivery customers, this fee will be 6 per cent of your total order (note: this fee will not be applied to pick up orders). This fee will be clearly outlined throughout the ordering process, because unlike the world which keeps throwing curveballs and changes our way, we want to be as open and transparent with you as possible. None of us need any more surprises.

As we ride out this wave, we will continue to listen and learn and want to thank you in advance for your feedback. 

Maybe when this is all over we’ll bring out a lettuce pizza. Just because we can.

Until then we appreciate your understanding and your support.



What is the Delivery Service Fee?

Domino’s has introduced a Delivery Service Fee to help our local pizza stores cover the increased costs of operating a delivery business in the current environment. It ensures we can continue to provide the most efficient and reliable food delivery service in the country.

How much is the Delivery Service Fee?

The Delivery Service Fee is 6% of your order value, so it will vary based on your order total. This amount will be clearly shown to you before you confirm your order.

How does the Delivery Service Fee differ from Domino’s existing delivery pricing?

Our delivery pricing takes into account the extra costs of labour and fuel charges required for a delivery. We cover this cost partly in the price of the first pizza delivered and then a discount is applied to further pizzas after that to reward customers that order more. We now also apply a small additional Delivery Service Fee of 6% of the total order value to help with the significant cost increases associated with operating a delivery business.