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Fresh Fast Bake Certified

A Domino's World First Pizza Delivery in 10 Minutes

What is Fresh Fast Bake?

The Domino’s Fresh Fast Bake certification concept has been built from the early dreams of Domino’s Founder, Tom Monaghan’s 30 minute service guarantee.

In Australia we are now doing the unthinkable and introducing a world first in pizza delivery by offering customers a 10 minute delivery, made possible through cutting-edge technology and operational efficiency.


No really, how is this possible?

This isn’t just about fancy new energy efficient oven technology – it’s much more than this. It’s the culmination of significant changes in our operations over the past five years. We have combined the best and latest technology with traditional elements and principles borrowed from Italian wood fired ovens to deliver a fast and improved quality cook to our pizzas. Everything from the introduction of GPS Driver Tracker, electric push bikes, improved IT systems and innovations in digital platforms has made the introduction of the Fresh Fast Bake promise to our customers possible.

Prepared Fresh to Order

There’s no pre-made pizzas, no pre-saucing, it’s prepared fresh to order. It’s about the Domino’s slow where it matters, fast where it counts philosophy. Slow in the careful preparation of your pizza to the placement of fresh, high quality ingredients to faster by cutting cook time in half and safe hustling to reduce wait times and get pizza to customers when they’re hungry.


How will you know if your store offers the Fresh Fast Bake 10 Minute Service?

Look-out for the Fresh Fast Bake certification at your local Domino’s Pizza store.

*The Fresh Fast Bake promise will only be made possible to customers when it is safe for our staff to deliver in this timeframe. The safety of our staff is our number one priority.

Put us to the ultimate test today!

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