Media   Domino’s Eyes Apple Watch for Consumer Convenience!


Domino’s Eyes Apple Watch for Consumer Convenience!

24 April 2015

Domino's Live Pizza Tracker on the Apple Watch 

Among the tech savvy and gadget gurus anticipating the launch of the Apple Watch, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises (Domino’s) has ensured the popular Live Pizza Trackeris made available via Apple Watch from today (Friday 24 April).

Domino’s Live Pizza Tracker ensures pizza customers are kept up to date and informed of every stage of their pizza order. From placing, making, cooking and letting customers know exactly when their pizza is ready. 

Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said the Apple Watch offers the ideal interface and convenience for customers to be able to access the status of their pizza orders anytime, anywhere.

“Domino’s Live Pizza Tracker is a unique and popular part of the Domino’s online ordering experience that customers have come to know and love,” Mr Meij said.

“The Apple Watch ensures customers can keep their iPhones in their pocket and glance at their watch to view the status of their order – from anywhere and at any time!”

Mr Meij said that wearables, especially Smart Watches, offer the perfect opportunity for brands to tap into incredibly unique consumer engagement initiatives.

“We really have entered a new level of accessibility and providing customers this level of tech-convenience is just the beginning.

“If people look back at what we did with mobile when we entered that space back in 2009, that was just the beginning and now it accounts for well over 50% of sales.

“It’s all about embracing new pieces of technology and what we are seeing now is only the first generation of wearables and their application to providing consumers with a unique experience,” Mr Meij said. 

The move comes after the popular pizza brand announced the tracking of pizza delivery on Chromecast and on Android Wear earlier this year making it possible for pizza lovers to track their pizza orders live on their televisions and Android Smart Watches.

To view your live Pizza Tracker updates on your Apple Watch, download the Domino’s iPhone App from the Apple iTunes store or visit to find out more.




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