Domino’s to give away 10,000 + 1 free premium pizzas!

August 2017

To celebrate the launch of Domino’s new Quality Fresh menu, the Company has announced it will give away 10,001 free premium pizzas from today, Wednesday August 9, at 4pm AEST.

To try one of Domino’s new premium pizzas for free, customers can head to the Company’s Facebook page ( and enter their details to receive a code which will be valid until Sunday.

Domino’s new Quality Fresh menu gives customers more of what they want; more premium toppings and flavours on both new and improved pizzas.

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said the new menu has been well received by customers following its launch on Monday.

“Domino’s new Quality Fresh range includes the launch of 20 tasty new pizzas and sides over 20 weeks,” said Mr Knight.

“We are giving 10,001 customers the chance to find their new favourite pizza by trying one of our new premium pizzas for free.

“We are really proud of every one of our new premium pizzas, which is why we’re giving customers the opportunity to try any of our new premium range; they are larger and have noticeably more toppings, making them fantastic value for a premium product.

“You don’t have to queue up outside our stores to be able to receive your free pizza; Domino’s likes to make our customer’s lives easier, so without leaving the comfort of your own home, you can download a code online to enjoy this giveaway.”

The new premium pizzas in the Quality Fresh launch include the Loaded Supreme, Cheesy Bacon Hawaiian, Mega Meatlovers, Four Cheese Deluxe, Grand Italian and Chicken and Camembert.

Customers can find their new favourite and claim their free premium pizza by heading to at 4pm AEST on Wednesday, August 9.

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