Domino’s Margherita Pizza to stay on the menu

August 2017

Domino’s has listened to its customers and will keep the much-loved Margherita Pizza on its menu after news broke this week the pizza would be deleted from menus across Australia. 

The deletion of the Margherita Pizza formed part of Domino’s new Quality Fresh menu which gives customers more choice and launches to the public this weekend.

Quality Fresh includes the addition of 20 new tasty pizzas and sides over 20 weeks and replaces the Chef’s Best range with a larger premium range of piping hot pizzas.

Domino’s new premium range of pizzas are larger and have noticeably more toppings, making them fantastic value for a premium product.

Quality Fresh gives customers more of what they want, with an increase in volume of toppings as well as more premium toppings on both new and improved pizzas.

Customers can order their favourite Margherita Pizza by visiting

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