Hungry? SMS your pizza order to Domino’s! 

14 December 2015

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) has today launched SMS ordering.

Taking convenience one step further, Australian pizza lovers will soon be only a text away from their BBQ Meatlovers with customers able to place their last pizza order or their ‘Fast Favourite’ order in just a few seconds by texting the word ‘pizza’ or the pizza emoji to Domino’s SMS Ordering number 0448 366 466.

Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Don Meij said technology-enabling convenience is at the very heart of the Company’s digital strategy and SMS ordering were both obvious developments – shifting from traditional customer engagement to more progressive platforms. 

“The popularity of recently launched technology such as Quick Ordering has demonstrated a real appetite for innovation that slices seconds off the ordering process,” Mr Meij said.

“It is part of our job to anticipate the next generation of ordering and technology, and with most people never being far away from their mobile phone, this really does mean a new and more convenient way for our customers to order pizza and engage with our brand.

“We know our customers. We know who they are. They are the Gamers who don’t want to be far from their keyboards, the busy corporate workers, the social and the time poor parents. It’s important we fit into their lives and we make it as easy and simple for them to order.”

Once a SMS is sent, Domino’s will send the customer a returned SMS message confirming the order details. When the customer replies ‘Yes’ the order is placed and they are able to track it via the Company’s real time tracking technology platforms - Live Pizza Tracker and GPS Driver Tracker.

“Creating a text based system adds another layer to Domino’s digital innovation strategy as we aim to ensure our ordering platforms are available to all customers, across a wide range of devices so they have the freedom to choose when, where and how they interact with us.

“You can’t get more convenient, fitting into the lives of customers, than making it possible for them to place their pizza orders via SMS.” 

Mr Meij said it’s not just about texts and emojis. It’s a combination of a number of elements that together underpin a sophisticated and seamless Online Ordering experience.   

“Behind the simple interface is a more complex engine that is capable of handling a wide range of customer paths, ensuring all customers have the best experience possible. SMS ordering plugs into our already successful Online Ordering platform and is one more way that Domino’s is making it easier and more appealing for Australians to order pizza.

“Beyond the ordering process, we also have a fully engaged tracking platform taking our customers on a journey with us – with our Live Pizza Tracker and the Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker technology.

“Every step of the ordering process is carefully crafted and tracked to ensure it’s seamless, easy and convenient. It’s a far cry from the humble beginnings of launching online ordering in 2006 and we are excited about the future.” 

Earlier this year Domino’s announced plans for 40 new digital projects set to rollout this financial year many of which will make customer’s ordering experience faster and easier. 


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