Domino’s set to become one of the first Australian QSR’s to offer employees a fully modernised Agreement 


December 2017 

From Tuesday 2 January 2018, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd (Domino’s) is set to start the process to become one of the first Australian QSRs to offer employees a fully modernised agreement which will offer terms better than the Modern Award.

Negotiations for the new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) have been ongoing with the relevant parties, including the SDA Union for the past 18 months, with Domino’s already increasing team members’ take-home pay in good faith in anticipation of the new Agreements.

The new EBA will go to ballot on Tuesday 9 January 2018, broadly supported by the SDA Union. Once implemented from Wednesday 24 January 2018, Domino’s team members will receive wages and entitlements including weekend penalty rates which are among the highest in the QSR industry.

Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said the new EBA is a simplified agreement with higher wages for team members.

“We have been working towards this new Agreement with the relevant parties for the past 18 months and we know this has been a lengthy process but getting it right for our team members is imperative,” Mr Meij said.  

“With over 20,000 Domino’s employees set to be impacted by the new Agreement, including hundreds of small business owners, ensuring fair wages and conditions for all team members, including improved penalty rates, has been the priority. 

“With our new agreement in place, we believe we will be an employer of choice for tens of thousands of Australians by providing beneficial working conditions for all team members.

 “Domino’s is a rewarding place to work– whether people are looking for their first job, or are hoping to build a career (inside or outside of Domino's), Domino’s can help pave the way. We have so many opportunities available, everything from making and delivering pizzas, to managing stores, to corporate roles, entrepreneur and Leadership roles.

“We can feel proud knowing our existing team members are being provided better working conditions and look forward to being able to attract an inspiring new generation of employees who are looking to be part of the Domino’s team.

“It’s been a lengthy process but the outcome has been well worth it,” Mr Meij said.

The Company reiterates that while the new Agreement includes higher wages, it has been putting strategies in place to ensure franchises remain profitable, sustainable, and continue to prosper.

Other examples of where the Domino’s EBA is more beneficial than the Modern Award:

  • Wage rates are above Modern Award rates of pay
  • Part time employees have guaranteed minimum hours of work of between 6 hours and 15 hours of work a week to be worked on agreed days based on the employee’s availability. The Modern Award provides no guaranteed minimum weekly hours for part time employees
  • Overtime paid after 10 hours worked in a day (rather than 11 hours under the Modern Award).
  • Additional paid leave entitlements
  • Payment for higher duties
  • A minimum 10 hour break between daily shifts
  • Rosters will be displayed at least five days in advance

In relation to allegations of underpayments

We continue to strive to identify, and correct, wages underpayments. Our nationwide audit programme of franchisees, announced last year, is progressing well.

Since announcing this programme, Domino’s has finalised the process for 622 stores, of which three franchisees have been referred for full store audit. The audit remains in progress with only 32 stores left to finalise the assessment.

“We are continuing to work with advisory firm Deloitte to develop and implement sophisticated systems and methodologies to assist in identifying wage underpayments, on an ongoing basis,” Mr Meij said.

The Company will provide a further update on the auditing process when it releases its H1 FY18 Results on Wednesday 14 February 2018.


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