June 2016

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) has revealed the first of its digital disruptor days, as part of a bi-annual series the Company has branded, the Abacus Tech Series set to showcase the Company’s digital developments and first-to-market technology.

Challenging their status as just a pizza company, Domino’s has been leading the industry with innovations of late including the world’s first autonomous delivery vehicle, Domino’s Robotic Unit (DRU), SMS Ordering and the Company’s innovation hub, the DLAB to name a few. 

Domino’s Group CEO and Managing Director, Don Meij said the launch of the new technology series would help share the journey and vision on the innovation being created by the Australian head-quartered operations.

“We work tirelessly to bring our customers solutions they can benefit from and we can’t think of a better way to release them to market, then to showcase the technology and share the journey; the challenges, the benefits and the future direction of the industry,” Mr Meij said.

The Abacus Tech Series will introduce media and industry influencers to the technology and innovative solutions Domino’s has been working on to breakdown the challenges faced by customers – with the first theme of the series dedicated to the concept that, ‘time is the enemy of food’.

Mr Meij said the Company is constantly looking at ways to make their pizzas fresher and hotter for customers, reduce wait times and cook times and deliver their slow where it matters, fast where it counts philosophy.

“We want to bring people on this journey with us, and allow them to connect with our solutions, sometimes even before we release them to the public.

“The series will be hosted by Domino’s and be launch events rotating in each of Australia’s capital cities unveiling all and any technology currently being developed by Domino’s.

“It’s also a great opportunity to continue to shine the light on global innovation being developed right here in Australia.”

 Mr Meij said the new tech series derived its name from the simple calculation and counting tool invented in 2000 BC - the Abacus.

“At Domino’s we don’t like to overcomplicate things. We prefer simple solutions that think outside the box. The simplicity of the counting rod with beads is a strong reminder that other technological innovations can come from novel ideas. Such concepts can take the market by storm and revolutionise mainstream adoption – that’s why we have named it the Abacus Tech Series,” he said. 

Domino’s will kick off the Series on Thursday 9 June 2016, with the first of the Abacus Tech Series being hosted in Sydney.

During the event, Group CEO Don Meij and Group Chief Digital Officer Michael Gillespie, along with other key members of the Domino’s team will speak about new technologies and their latest innovations, as well as answer questions and offer valuable feedback on entrepreneurship and the industry. 


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