Pizza Lovers Predict a Labor Win at Next Month’s Federal Election


June 2016


According to Australia’s pizza lovers, Labor will take home victory in the Federal election next month, with the Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino’s) GPS Driver Tracker Customer Polls predicting the win.

Domino’s CEO and Managing Director Don Meij explained Domino’s is now able to predict the outcome of the election using innovative technology on the company’s mobile app.

“With over 75,000 unique responses to the polling questions over the past couple of weeks, the nation has spoken. Pizza lovers all over Australia have voted and they believe Labor will be voted into Parliament at next month’s Federal Election,” said Mr Meij.

“Thousands of customers order from Domino’s every night and spend an average of seven minutes on our Live Pizza Tracker page which is why we thought it was a great opportunity to find out more about our customer’s sentiments on both pizza and politics.

“We started off asking our customers fun questions – what was their favourite crust, who is their favourite super hero, do they like pineapple on their pizza, anchovies or no anchovies. We then progressed to topical TV shows and concerts and now we are asking them about the election!”

One in four people prefer Labor, with just 19 per cent backing the Liberal party* however among the 18-24 demographic, this differed greatly with over 36 per cent preferring Labor while only 16 per cent prefer the Liberal party.

While the nation prefers Labor as a political party, it’s quite close when it comes to which MP Australians would prefer to be Prime Minister with 23 per cent admitting they would vote for Malcolm Turnbull and 20 per cent preferring Bill Shorten however for the younger generation (18-24 year olds), it is level at 26 per cent for both leaders, with the remaining 49 per cent preferring not to say.

According to the pizza poll, the nation wants the Australian Electoral Commission to keep up with the times as an astounding 79 per cent of people think voting should be online however they don’t want to be regulated as 77 per cent of people say they are against the Government regulating the internet.

Mr Meij explained the opportunities with the pizza polls were endless as the Company is able to ask customers anything in real time to drive strategic business decisions and meet their needs.

“The app of course allows customers to opt out of our polls if they choose not to be involved however we’re taking this opportunity to get to know our customers better – what are they looking for, what changes do they want to see, what frustrates them and what do they like,” said Mr Meij.

“This real time data allows us to constantly improve our customer’s overall experience and ensuring we are tailoring customer orders like never before.”

The Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker was rolled out in May 2015 giving customers the ability to track their pizza order from the store to their door in real time. The GPS Driver Tracker poll was rolled out at the same time. 


Notes to Editor

*The remaining respondents did not state their preference or indicated as other.

**Please note these responses were collected over a two-week period.  

***This data is collected daily with a hot election topic added each day.

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