Pizza Lovers Rejoice – Domino’s to giveaway 20,000 free pizzas!

September 2017 

To celebrate the Domino’s Quality Fresh menu, the Company has announced it will give away 20,000 free premium pizzas from Monday 18 September, as well as offer free deals daily to pizza lovers.

The move comes off the back of the 10,001 free pizza giveaway the Company did last month via the Company’s Facebook page ( but expands to include an entire month of daily offers and special deals for pizza lovers.

Domino’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand Nick Knight said the new menu, as well as the free pizza giveaway have been well received by customers and they look forward to giving customers more of what they love and celebrating the next phase of the Quality Fresh menu scheduled for 25 September,” said Mr Knight.

“September is a huge month for us with some big events on the calendar including two footy grand finals, long weekends, school holidays and the launch of the next phase of our Quality Fresh range including two premium pizzas and new sides.

“We’ve decided to reward our customers with exciting online only pizza deals, including a free deal everyday.  

“From Monday 18 September, over the course of a month, we will be giving away free pizzas, as well some of our customer’s favourites – free topping and upgrades such as cheesy crusts and adding extra cheese and bacon to your favourite pizzas.

“Each day there will be a different deal and a different offer available to our customers. We encourage pizza lovers to join the Domino’s Australia Facebook page, sign up to the EClub and join the SMS list to make sure they take advantage of the offer on any given day.

“Our new Quality Fresh menu gives customers more of what they want; more premium toppings and flavours on both new and improved pizzas.”

The Company has reassured pizza fans that they will have to be fast to take advantage of the free pizza giveaway days but that they prepared for the increase in traffic expected with the giveaway.

“It will be first in, best dressed – or best fed in this case. With more than one million fans, we expect the free pizzas will be snapped up fast, but we are ready to cater for the expected hungry pizza fans!”

The new premium products in the second phase of the Domino’s Quality Fresh campaign include the new Butter Chicken pizza and eight meats pizza, as well as Chicken Meatballs with BBQ sauce and a Salted Caramel Thick Shake.

“We are really proud of every one of our new premium pizzas, which is why we’re giving customers the opportunity to try any of our new premium range; they are larger and have noticeably more toppings, making them fantastic value for a premium product,” Mr Knight said.

The 20,000 pizza giveaway will comprise of four 5,000 pizza giveaway days via the Company’s Facebook page on selected days. Customers are encouraged to check in daily to find out when these will take place.

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