Earlier this year we unveiled the newest member of our delivery team, DRU, the autonomous delivery vehicle. We are now equally excited to welcome DRU Drones to the team. The use of drones for delivery is works alongside Domino’s current delivery methods and will be fully integrated into our world-class online ordering and GPS tracking systems. 

Proving that the sky truly is the limit, Domino’s has partnered with Flirtey - a global leader in drone deliveries - to launch the first Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved commercial drone delivery service in the world.

DRU Drones are the next stage of Domino’s expansion into the Artificial Intelligence space and give us key insights to develop and deliver new technologies for our customers.

He is just as cheeky and endearing as DRU the autonomous delivery vehicle - and we look forward to connecting more people and pizza via this landmark technology in the near future.

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