Ask Alexa to Order your Domino’s Pizza

We have always placed pride in being able to make our customer’s lives easier and fit in with their busy schedules, and we are constantly reviewing ways in which our online ordering process can be faster, easier and more convenient.

It’s for this reason we are excited about adding another way for customers to place their order and this time it’s as simple as asking Alexa to place their favourite order via voice ordering using an Alexa device like Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo is a family of hands free devices with built in speakers, controlled by your voice.

Whether it’s a request to play music, hear the daily news, check the weather or in this case ask Alexa a simple question – just ask, and Alexa will respond instantly.

The hands-free, voice-first interaction is set to bring new meaning to fast and easy online ordering at Domino’s. Customers can also check the status of their Domino’s order by simply asking Alexa how their order is progressing – adding an entirely new meaning to convenience.

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