Domino’s Commitment to Delivering a Fresh New Approach…

Domino’s has been busy of late doing what we do best, reinventing food delivery through innovation and launching a new Quality Fresh menu, with a commitment to deliver more of what customers love.

The Domino’s quality fresh campaign is all about bringing 20 new, tasty pizzas and sides over 20 weeks, giving customers more of what they want.

We have increased our toppings, as well as added more premium ingredients on both new and improved pizzas and we are working hard to give customers more choice than ever. Most recently we launched our new Butter Chicken pizza, Eight Meats Pizza, BBQ Chicken Meatballs and, proving we’re more than just pizza, added the Salted Caramel Thickshake to our handcrafted Thickshake family. 

We have made a commitment to be hungry for better. This includes delivering customers even more convenience when it comes to online ordering. Part of this commitment is launching Domino’s Anywhere which makes online ordering easier for customers. Convenience is key for our on-the-go, busy customers and this technology allows them to drop a location pin using GPS locators, for stores to deliver to parks, beaches and other locations without specific street addresses. 

We have also announced we will launch phase two of drone deliveries in New Zealand, using DRU Drone by Flirtey. When we announced the world’s first use of drones to deliver pizzas, there was skepticism given the significant technology barriers that needed to be addressed. However, we are excited to announce the next phase will move us even closer to regular store operations and we couldn’t be more excited.

All of this innovation would not be made possible if it weren’t for the people behind the scenes. By this we mean our team members, our customers and the local communities in which we operate. Our people are the heart of this business and it’s important to us that you know the franchisees, store managers, shift runners, pizza makers and drivers making, cutting and delivering your pizzas. They are passionate, energetic and most of all love what they do. We look forward to introducing you to more Dominoids like Alex who have pizza sauce running through their veins.


While pizza is our passion, we are proud to contribute to ethical, responsible and sustainable business practices with our Domino’s Give for Good program. It makes us feel proud that we can help make a difference and give back to local organisations and charities through our partnerships with organisations such as the Smith Family and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR).


All of these initiatives are about delivering a fresh new approach and we remain committed to reinventing our menu, reinventing convenience and ultimately reinventing value for our customers.

We look forward to bringing you even more exciting updates and of course delivering piping hot pizza to you soon!


Don Meij

Group CEO and Managing Director

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