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At Domino’s, we’re big believers in providing open and honest communication with customers and the Australian public. We value and really listen to all feedback – positive or negative, and take action to improve our processes and refine our products. We’re on Facebook because we love connecting with our fans and providing a positive experience for all to share and enjoy!

When you reach out to us on Facebook, we will always strive to respond in a timely manner inside or outside of normal business hours. We endeavour to respond to all complaints, questions and enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Feel free to send us a private message, ask questions, post reviews, or share your Domino’s experiences with friends.

We have some very basic guidelines for posting on our page, so be sure to check them out below.  

Facebook usage guidelines

When posting a message to our page or commenting on one of our posts, we ask that you please follow these simple guidelines.

  • Respect others opinions and refrain from making personal attacks
  • Respect others privacy and your own – provide phone numbers and other sensitive personal information through a private message instead of broadcasting it on our page
  • Please don't post unauthorised images or video of people without their consent
  • Be considerate and avoid comments that may be considered repetitive, offensive, off-topic, racist, prejudice, or otherwise inappropriate or aggressive
  • Steer clear of making repeated sales, marketing or spam messages

Posts or comments that are considered to be breaking these guidelines may be hidden or deleted at our discretion. People who are found to repeatedly break the guidelines may be banned from this page and/or reported to Facebook.

When will we delete posts?

We value the experience of all our customers and visitors to our page, which is why we take action to delete or hide posts or comments in specific circumstances.

We’ll delete comments or posts relating to:

  • Spam of any kind
  • External links that could prove harmful
  • Racist, offensive, inappropriate or aggressive language
  • Bullying or any other type of harassment
  • Commercially sensitive information or personal information

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