At Domino’s we are passionate about piping hot pizza and strive to give our customers the best product and the best service. However, we know that we don’t always get it right - be it a forgotten side or an unevenly cut or topped pizza we understand that it can be frustrating and we are aiming to improve our stores so each order is perfect – every time.



At Domino's we are committed to making every Domino's meal perfect. But we know sometimes we can get it wrong - which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you don't love your pizza meal, then please let us know. We will happily replace it refund it. Guaranteed.






Leroy has been with Domino’s for 20 years, and is the proud franchisee of seven Domino’s stores in New South Wales. However, Leroy isn’t always proud of the Domino’s experience that some customers get. Whether it be a poorly topped pizza, bad customer service or a late delivery, Leroy cares if his customers aren’t getting the best products and best service. Which is why he is working to improve his stores through extra training and reaffirmation of our 100% satisfaction guarantee.



Andrew Wood, known as Woody, is a four store franchisee based on the Sunshine Coast QLD with over 20 years of experience in the pizza industry. Starting his Domino’s journey as a Wobble-Boarder and Dough Boy while at school, Woody then progressed to delivery driver and then into a management career under the tutelage of Don Meij. He worked in various management roles in corporate before purchasing his first store in Mooloolaba in 2007. He now owns and operates four stores. Woody has always been passionate about being in the people and pizza business and is always open to receiving feedback about his customers experience. Woody cares about each and every pizza that leaves the store and if it wasn’t made perfectly or if a customer isn’t satisfied he ensures he replaces it or refunds the order, guaranteed.



At just 24 years old, Chad Cable is one of our youngest franchisees. In 2009, Chad began his Domino's journey when he started working at the Dickson store in Canberra at age 16. His hard work and initiative were quickly recognised, and he was made a partner of the Belconnen store in 2014. Since then, Chad has taken on three additional stores, Kippax, Dickson and Queanbeyan and is now leading a team of over 170 Dominoids. Chad Cable has been working hard with teams across all of his stores to ensure that each order is made perfectly, delivery is fast and efficient and that all customers receive the best customer service. With Domino’s Belconnen being the biggest store in Australia, ensuring perfection is no easy feat and Chad knows that each and every customer who orders through them contributes to such a busy store, which is why he cares about the experience they receive. He would love to hear any feedback about his stores so he is able to improve the experience all customers receive.



Kym Wood knows that customers love Domino’s for our innovative technology, our convenient delivery and the freshest ingredients on our pizzas. However, as a franchisee of two Domino’s stores, Kym also knows that sometimes we let our customers down on what they love about us. This is why Kym is asking all customers to put her stores to the test. She cares about your experience and wants to hear about what her stores did right and, more importantly, what they are doing wrong. That way Kym and her team can work to improve, and ensure piping hot pizza, excellent customer service and efficient delivery for each and every order.



At Domino’s, we care about your experience and welcome any feedback, both the good, and the not-so-good.

We’d love to hear from you about anything regarding your pizza order – if we don’t know about it, we can’t improve on it to ensure you get the best experience every time. 

Every locally-owned store has a satisfaction guarantee, and you can call them on 131 888. If you are not satisfied, or unable to reach them: