At Domino’s, our priority is always the health and safety of our team members and customers. We understand the trust our customers place in us to deliver safe, freshly prepared meals and take our responsibility seriously. That’s why we have implemented a number of preventative measures, including Zero Contact Takeaway and Delivery. This means having your favourite Domino’s meal piping hot and fresh like usual, but with no direct contact between you and our team members.


You can place a takeaway order online or over the phone as usual, or in person by following the social distancing policies outlined in the store. After placing your order, please wait outside and watch the order screen until it is ready. We will then place your order on the counter and step back to a safe distance. Once the team member has stepped back, you may then collect your order. 


For a Zero Contact Delivery, the Delivery Expert will place your order in front of your door, or on a safe surface you have specified, before moving back to a safe distance. They will then contact you by phone to let you know they have arrived and will wait to ensure you have collected your order.

Zero contact delivery prompt on mobile phoneAll Domino’s deliveries will now be Zero Contact.

Order placed at door stepThe Delivery Expert will place your order on a safe surface in front of your door.

Delivery expert and customer 2 meters apart from one anotherThe Delivery Expert will then move back to a safe distance and wait until you collect your order.


Domino’s is committed to delivering hot, fresh meals to the community for as long as it is safe to do so. Using Zero Contact Delivery, you can rely on us to deliver a meal that is tasty and safe – removing the need to leave the house in search of alternative options.

During these challenging times, we have also been working hard to feed those on the front line helping to keep us safe and our society moving. Some of these people are your more obvious heroes such as our nurses and doctors, others include shelf-fillers at our grocery stores or the people manning virus call centres.

We understand it’s a privilege to continue to feed the community during this time and being able to deliver meals to the front line men and women who are working hard to keep us safe is just one small way we can say thank you.

Mater Hospital staff receive pizzas donated by Domino's


Help us, to help you, by choosing a cashless payment method such as tap, Credit Card or PayPal and maintaining a safe distance from our team members when collecting your meal.

Thank you for helping us to keep our community safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Domino’s still open?

Yes. For as long as it is safe to do so, we will remain open and delivering hot meals to our communities and those on the front lines. We are currently offering takeaway or delivery. We will continue to listen to advice from government and health authorities and adjust our operations accordingly.

Will all orders be Zero Contact Delivery?

Yes. For the health and safety of our Customers and Staff we have implemented this across all orders - no need to opt in.

Does a Zero Contact Delivery cost extra?

No. We believe our customers deserve to feel as safe and comfortable as possible when ordering food in these uncertain times.