GPS Driver Tracker

Born out of safety


The idea of the Domino's GPS Driver Tracker was born out the thinking – “How do we make our driver fleet safer?”

Our drivers are the heart of our organisation and with new technology we now have the ability to keep them and the driver environment much safer. With GPS Driver Tracker Domino’s has been able to make sure our drivers are always driving within the speed limit and we can also measure the harshness of driving. As a result of the invention of the Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker, we’ve been able to reduce our incidents by 50%. 

Domino’s GPS Driver Tracker links the online ordering experience with the store delivery driver so customers know exactly when their pizza order is leaving the store and how long it will take to get to their house. In fact, it provides the customer access to watch the route the driver takes to get to their place in real-time, and customers who order through the Domino's app will receive a notification when their driver is approaching their delivery address.

With the technology active, Domino’s stores can now record and measure a lot of data they never before had transparency over. This includes the exact time it took to do the delivery, even down to the second. They can see the route the driver took to get to the destination and compare that with the optimum way to go, which is worked out by distance, time and traffic.

It also helps enhance the customer experience as they can now view the driver’s profile. This includes their name, the favourite pizza, favourite music, favourite sport and a photograph of the driver.

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