Domino's New On-Time Cooking


Domino’s On-Time Cooking

Have you ever placed a pizza order with the intent to leave home straight away and pick it up only to find yourself caught up at home, on the phone or stuck in traffic?

No longer will Domino’s pizzas sit waiting for pick up customers to arrive in store with the introduction of On-Time Cooking.

The innovative technology solution ensures pick up customers always receive fresher, hotter pizza straight from the oven.

With Domino’s On-Time Cooking, customers will now be able to opt-in to the service to ensure their local store starts making their order only when they are close to their store.

Only when the customer shares their location and travel method with us, will Domino’s use Geo-Location technology, alongside in store data, to commence making an order when a customer has entered the Cook Zone.

The Cook Zone is a dynamically updated virtual zone around the store that represents the current store lead time.

Domino’s On-Time Cooking means that regardless of being held up or stuck in traffic, pick up customers receive hotter, fresher pizza right out of the oven, every time.

On-Time Cooking – ready when you are.