Inside Domino's   In the kitchen How we make our dough fresh in store daily


How we make our dough fresh in store daily


Have you ever wondered what goes into making the perfect pizza base? At Domino’s we know that the foundation to great tasting pizza is a perfect base  - so we make our preservative free dough for our Classic, Deep Pan, Thin’n’Crispy, The Edge and Cheesy crusts fresh in store daily.

Made with a combination of Australian flour, water and yeast, it’s first added to the mixer and then left to mix until the dough comes together and starts to pull away from the sides of the bowl.


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To test and make sure we have a perfectly textured dough, we use the “stretch test”. We grab a small piece of dough and stretch it to create a “window frame”. When the dough is at the right consistency, we know we can stretch it until it is very thin (you can almost see through it) before it tears.

Once we’re happy with the texture of our dough, we sprinkle flour on our work surface and start to cut and weigh sections of the dough before forming them into “dough balls” and setting them aside while we finish rolling them all.

Once we’re finished weighing and portioning out our dough – it’s time to sheet it. We have a machine that sheets our dough which makes it a fast and easy way to get the perfect base thickness.

We then add the stretched dough into a pan and set aside to proof at room temperature. Proofing relaxes the gluten in the dough which helps to give it its signature taste and texture (don’t worry we also have Gluten Free options available as well). Once proofed at room temperature, we pop it in the fridge where we leave it to age overnight to let it further develop flavour.  


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