At Domino's, we like to be as transparent about our pricing as possible. See below our pick up and delivery pricing structure sliced and diced to help answer any questions you may have.



Our pick up menu is where you will find the lowest pricing. There are no delivery fees included because in this instance, you ARE the delivery expert. Place your order online, over the phone, or in-store and our friendly team will greet you at the store with a smile.



Our delivery menu offers the ultimate convenience – hot and fresh pizza delivered straight to your door! Our delivery pricing takes into account the extra costs of labour and fuel charges required for a delivery. 



This fee (which ranges from $4.95 – $9.99) only applies to deliveries that are outside the normal delivery zone for a store, where otherwise it would not be possible for a store to deliver. It ensures we can continue to deliver delicious pizzas straight to your door. If this fee applies to your order, it will be clearly displayed at the checkout.



Our new priority ordering service, Skip the Queue, is available for both Pick Up and Delivery orders. Customers can Skip the Queue for just $4.00 to have their order bumped to the front of the order queue. Skip the Queue replaces the previously available 15 and 20 Minute Guarantee services offered by Domino’s.



The Late Night Surcharge applies at selected Domino's stores and is 10% of your order value. This surcharge applies to orders after 10:00pm Monday – Saturday.

This small fee helps us to provide customers with late night pizza cravings the same great value they know, love and expect from Domino's after 10:00pm – all while managing the increased costs of operating a business, and preparing Hot & Fresh orders, late at night.

The next time you feel like a cheesy midnight snack, you know Domino’s has your back!

*Late Night Surcharge applies to all orders after 10:00pm from Monday – Saturday in select Domino’s stores only. This surcharge does not apply on Sunday and Public Holidays.



The Sunday Surcharge is 10% of your order value.

Our team members are a vital part of Domino’s, and on Sundays they receive wages that are up to 50% higher than on weekdays. A small Sunday Surcharge allows for these higher wages, which are amongst the highest in our industry, while keeping our prices lower on other days. This charge applies to all orders, both pick-up and delivery, on a Sunday.



The Public Holiday Surcharge is 15% of your order value, and the Christmas Day Surcharge is 20%.

At Domino’s, we pride ourselves on paying amongst the highest wages in our industry. In fact, on public holidays our team members receive wages that are more than double that on ordinary weekdays. A small public holiday surcharge allows for these higher wages while keeping our prices lower on other days. This charge applies to all orders, both pick-up and delivery, on Public Holidays and Christmas Day.



Domino’s always aims to provide high-quality meals, hot and fresh, at an affordable price. For the best deals, remember to check out the Domino’s App for all our best money-saving special offers.

Put us to the test, we welcome your feedback about the value we provide.

If you have any questions about our pricing, or your order, please reach out to our 24/7 Customer Feedback Team via Facebook or our online feedback form.